A-MAZE-N 12 - 18 Oval Expanding Tube Package - with Self Igniting Torch

  • AZACC00FX40080 | $63.99

Product information


The 12" - 18" Tube Smoker is simple to use, and gives you complete control over the smoke time. Use the included Self Igniting Propane Torch to get yourself up and smoking quickly, as the 18" tube provides smoke for up to 6 hours, and the 12" option can smoke for up to 4 hours. Made of stainless-steel, the Expanding Tube is durable and built to last a lifetime.

This package includes the itesm listed below

  • AMAZEN Smoker 12 - 18
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Apple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Hickory
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Maple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Pitmasters Choice
  • Self Igniting Torch
  • AMAZEN Manual / Recipe book