A-MAZE-N 5X8 Pellet Tray Package - with Self Igniting Torch

  • AZACC005840064 | $60.99

Product information


This 5x8 Maze Kit will provide 80+ hours of smoke time with our most popular flavored BBQ pellets. Be ready to hot or cold smoke in just 10 minutes. Simply: Fill, Light & Smoke. Make sure you check out the manual for smoking tips and to discover new, fun recipe ideas.

This package includes the listed items below

  • AZACC005840064 - AMAZEN Smoker 5x8
  • AZPLT020240120 - AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Apple
  • AZPLT060240128 - AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Hickory
  • AZPLT030240129 - AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Maple
  • AZPLT090240131- AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Pitmasters Choice
  • AZACC000040014 - Self Igniting Torch
  • AZACC000030890 - AMAZEN Manual / Recipe book