A-MAZE-N 6 Tube Package - with Gel Fire Starter 4oz

  • AZACC000640084 | $34.99

Product information


The 6" Tube Smoker is easy to take on any picnic, camping trip or any cookout. There are no chips to soak before hand, just fill with wood pellets, light using the Gel Fire Starter - with a ligher (not included) - and let it smoke. It's truly THAT simple.

This package includes the items listed below

  • 6" Oval Tube Smoker
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Apple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Hickory
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Maple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Pitmasters Choice
  • AMAZEN Gel Fire Starter
  • AMAZEN Manual / Recipe book