A-MAZE-N 7 - 12 Oval Expanding Tube Package - with Gel Fire Starter 4oz

  • AZACC00FX40081 | $43.99

Product information


The 7" - 12" Tube Smoker is easy to expand and contract, providing total smoking control. At 12" this tube will smoke up to 4 hours while the 7" option smokes for up to 2 hours. Made of robust stainless-steel, the Expanding Tube is not only durable, but built to last a lifetime. To help you get the fire started, we've also included a Gel Fire Starter.

This package includes the items listed below

  • AMAZEN 7-12 Oval Expanding
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Apple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Hickory
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Maple
  • AMAZEN Pellets 2LB Pitmasters Choice
  • AMAZEN Gel Fire Starter
  • AMAZEN Manual / Recipe book